Pre-K Summer Camp

Pioneer Montessori offers a great addition to our regular school year schedule. 

Montessori PreK Summer Camp

Montessori Pre K students playing outdoor at the summer camp

Pioneer Montessori offers a great addition to our regular school year schedule. 

Pioneer Montessori Summer Camp is focused on creating excitement, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes that will prepare children for school in the fall.
We offer several fun and exciting activities that help to promote socialization and confidence building among children as well as daily educational lessons and Montessori work time in the classroom.

We believe that our summer camp is the best summer experience for children and we take full advantage of the warm weather. We offer daily outdoor playtime on our playground equipment as well as weekly sprinkler fun and exciting field trips and events.
Kindergarten students playing soccer during summer campA Pre K student playing at the backyard in Pioneer Academy Montessori Pre K summer camp
Children at Pioneer Montessori Summer Camp love the free choice work time, as well as the weekly themes and activities. Children will leave our camp with the confidence and skills to take on the new school year and already have an established love of learning!
Enroll today to give your child the best academic and exciting summer experience they could possibly want!

Summer Camp Weekly Themes

Under the Sea
August 8th-August 12th

Children will enter an underwater adventure during our under the sea themed week! We will learn all about the ocean and underwater animals as well as get creative with some underwater projects and science experiments! Children will grow an appreciation for our oceans as well as get to have some fun with animals!

Rainbow and Tye Dye
August 15th-August 19th

With our over the rainbow theme, children will have the opportunity to show off their favorite colors and participate in a color themed field day! Complete with tye dye and sand art, children will love all of our colorful activities!

Music Instruments
August 22nd-August 26th

Children will get to sing and dance all week long with our music and instruments theme. Each child will get to create their own instruments and learn all about music and how to play different ones! We will also learn different dances and songs that get the children up and moving with our gross motor skill building!

Jungle Safari
August 30th-September 2nd

For our last week of camp, children are off on a safari adventure. All things animals and habitats! Children will have the opportunity to dress like their favorite animals and create crafts that will take us on an animal safari around the world! To finish off our exciting summer, we will have a Safari party and celebrate our wonderful summer adventures!


Ms. Foster has been working with children for almost ten years now. From a young age, Ms. Foster began working with preschool children and made the decision to pursue a career in childcare early on. Ms. Foster believes in creating strong bonds with children and trust.