Pre-K Summer Camp

Pioneer Montessori offers a great addition to our regular school year schedule. 

Montessori PreK Summer Camp

Montessori Pre K students playing outdoor at the summer camp

Pioneer Montessori offers a great addition to our regular school year schedule. 

Pioneer Montessori Summer Camp is focused on creating excitement, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes that will prepare children for school in the fall.
We offer several fun and exciting activities that help to promote socialization and confidence building among children as well as daily educational lessons and Montessori work time in the classroom.

We believe that our summer camp is the best summer experience for children and we take full advantage of the warm weather. We offer daily outdoor playtime on our playground equipment as well as weekly sprinkler fun and exciting field trips and events.
Kindergarten students playing soccer during summer campA Pre K student playing at the backyard in Pioneer Academy Montessori Pre K summer camp
Children at Pioneer Montessori Summer Camp love the free choice work time, as well as the weekly themes and activities. Children will leave our camp with the confidence and skills to take on the new school year and already have an established love of learning!
Enroll today to give your child the best academic and exciting summer experience they could possibly want!

Summer Camp Weeks 2023/24

Camp Week

Dive into a week filled with laughter, creativity, and endless fun as your little ones embark on an exciting journey. From crafting vibrant tie-dye t-shirts to unleashing their inner artists with captivating sand art creations, every day promises new and delightful experiences. Watch as their imaginations soar while they design their very own picture frames, capturing precious memories of their summer escapades.

Nature Week

This week will be filled with exploration, creativity, and adventure as young nature enthusiasts delve into the beauty of the natural world. From exciting scavenger hunts to discovering hidden treasures in the wilderness, every day promises new discoveries and unforgettable experiences. Let creativity flourish as we paint rocks inspired by the colors of nature and craft our own unique nature bracelets adorned with treasures found along the way. And what's a nature adventure without the classic treat of s'mores. The children will deepen their connection to the environment, foster their curiosity, and create lasting memories of summer fun amidst the splendor of the great outdoors.

Spirit Week

Get ready to kick off Spirit Week with Crazy Hair Day, where students can let their imaginations run wild and sport the most outlandish hairstyles imaginable. Next up, it's time to channel your inner Disney magic as we host a Disney Dress-Up Day. Whether you're a princess, a superhero, or a beloved character from your favorite Disney movie, come dressed to impress and bring the enchantment to life!Prepare to be amazed as we dive into the world of science with Frozen Bubble Day. Watch in awe as we create mesmerizing frozen bubbles that shimmer and sparkle in the summer sun, bringing a touch of magic to our outdoor adventures.Finally, get ready to cozy up and relax with Pajama Day, where students can come to camp in their coziest pajamas, ready for a day of relaxation, storytelling, and indoor adventures.

The Olimpics

At our camp, children will have the opportunity to dive into the spirit of the Olympics by participating in a variety of exciting activities. One highlight is our Fruit Loop Gold Medal Challenge, where budding artists will design and craft their very own gold medals using colorful Fruit Loops cereal. But that's just the beginning! Our campers will also engage in a series of thrilling races, including classic favorites like the potato sack race and the water balloon toss. These activities not only promote physical activity but also foster teamwork, coordination, and good sportsmanship.


Ms. Foster has been working with children for almost ten years now. From a young age, Ms. Foster began working with preschool children and made the decision to pursue a career in childcare early on. Ms. Foster believes in creating strong bonds with children and trust.