Middle School

As Pioneer Academy students transition from the Lower School and emerge in the Middle School, they acquire a growing spectrum of skills.

Middle School

Middle school students doing class activity in classroom with their English teacher

Pioneer Academy is committed to preparing students to be active participants in an ever-changing global society.

The Middle School years are a transformative time for students at Pioneer, with a focus on deepening exploration and greater skills development alongside evolving mastery of subject-matter content and a budding sense of self and community.
Teachers help Middle School students incubate their curiosity and develop their aptitude for reading, writing, basic logic and mathematical reasoning as well problem solving, social and collaborative engagement, foreign languages, creative or artistic expression, and athletics.
As strong relationships are cultivated between and among students, teachers, and advisors, a curriculum designed to nurture curiosity, confidence, and mutual respect empowers middle schoolers to learn how to question and think for themselves, rather than what to think or memorize.
Middle school teachers foster their students’ curiosity and help to develop their aptitude for reading, writing, basic logic, and mathematical reasoning. Students will also enhance their skills related to problem-solving, social and collaborative engagement, foreign languages, creative artistic expression, and athletics.
Our students are challenged to explore their sense of wonder and find joy in their curiosity. Critical thinking, ethical compass, self-discipline, community awareness, and social and emotional skills flourish as learning extends beyond the classroom. Students interact across ages, subjects and activities: meaningful engagement in rigorous academic study, extracurricular activities, the arts, athletics, and service-learning are essential to Middle School life at Pioneer.
The middle school program aims to build student character and academic achievement through enriching, purposeful and engaging academic and social activities. Led by an amazing team of teachers, Pioneer middle school students grow to become driven, respectful, and compassionate young men and women.  With fun and exciting middle classroom lesson and school-wide events, our students look forward to coming to school every day.


Pioneer believes in the value of assessment for learning. Through multiple forms of assessment, including games, projects, class discussions, and NWEA MAP testing, teachers are constantly measuring their students’ understanding and adapting their instruction to meet the needs of the class.