Lower School

Pioneer Academy is committed to preparing students to be active participants in an ever-changing global society.

Lower School

Pioneer Academy elementary students studying with their teacher in the classroom

Pioneer Academy is committed to preparing students to be active participants in an ever-changing global society.

Our devoted and accomplished faculty and engaging curriculum are dedicated to supporting each child’s growth and exploration to their fullest possible academic, social, and emotional potential.

From the very first days of school, through inquiry-based activities, a challenging core curriculum, and specialist classes, Lower School students build confidence in their ability to think and work both independently and collaboratively, making connections with their classmates, teachers, across subjects and disciplinary bounds.

At Pioneer Academy, we want our children to love coming to school to develop a strong sense of themselves as lifelong learners and leaders who will make a lasting and positive impact on their world.

As they are introduced to the world around them and the world of ideas, these young Pioneer Academy citizens acquire crucial foundational skills and deepen their understanding of how to navigate a shared world. They are encouraged not just to play or learn or study, but to think creatively and explore their curiosity, to stretch and to question with joy and without fear.

Helping them enhance their strengths while overcoming obstacles and challenges, we empower Lower School students to develop into well-adjusted, enterprising young people with a healthy appetite for greater knowledge, engagement, and achievement that is only enhanced by their budding sense of responsibility, mindfulness, and ethics.  

We invite you to read on and discover what Pioneer students and families know and expect: intellectual rigor and infinite doorways to knowledge and creativity for every mind.
Pioneer Academy elementary students doing artwork during Art class


The Lower School curriculum focuses on guiding our young students as they gain confidence and agility in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and Spanish. Students develop the foundational skills for critical thinking and listening, comprehension, research, and creative exploration.

Sample Schedule

8:15: Arrive to school
8:30: Morning Meeting in Homeroom
9:00: Physical Education
9:45: Classes
10:45: Reader’s & Writer’s Workshop
11:30: Shared reading
12:00: Lunch
12:45: Math
2:15: Choice Time & 1:1 with the teacher
2:50/3:00: Dismissal
3:15 - 4:15: Clubs