Life At Pioneer

Student life at Pioneer Academy is rich, vibrant and diverse.

Life at Pioneer

High school students talking outdoor at the bench during lunch break

Student life at Pioneer Academy is rich, vibrant and diverse.

Myriad opportunities abound for all students to develop their talents and passions for engaging with self, others, and society in positive and impactful ways.

We are a college preparatory school where day students alongside domestic & international boarding students enjoy manifold possibilities to learn not just within the classroom but beyond its walls. 

Clubs & Activities

Pioneer Academy students enjoy a wealth of clubs, extracurricular activities, athletics, and local and global service experiences that take learning, growing, leading, serving, creating, and performing far beyond the classroom. Whether founding a new club at Pioneer or building a library for the underserved in Tanzania, Pioneer Academy strives to nurture inclusive, engaged, diverse, and thoughtful student community and student leadership.

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A group of elementary school students studying fungi during a Science Club activity
An elementary school student painting during an Art Club activity
A high school student playing soccer at the outdoor turf field
Elementary school students playing games during after-school
Drama Club students playing Cyrano
Drama Club students playing Cyrano

My extracurricular activities at Pioneer gave me the opportunity to gain and expand leadership and social skills. It was in my extracurricular activities that I also found what I am most passionate about.

G. K.
Pioneer Academy Class of 2015
Columbia University

Service Learning, Civic Engagement

Life Savers Club students help build a library for a primary school at Tanzania TripA senior student greeting a primary school kid at a primary school during Tanzania Relief Project

Pioneer Academy’s commitment to Service Leadership and Civic Engagement influences all aspects of our school – academics, athletics, the arts, and extracurricular clubs and activities – to emphasize our shared, universal humanitarian values.  Service to school and community involvement transform Pioneer students from learners and volunteers into ethical leaders and global citizens who contribute meaningfully to society and our shared world. 

A sense of civic responsibility, empathy, and global citizenship is developed by students’ service immersions in local and international humanitarian and philanthropic volunteering opportunities, as well as visits from guest speakers, mentoring, and colloquia.  By learning experientially and leading through service, students gain invaluable and unforgettable educational, cultural, humanitarian and social-entrepreneurial experiences that transcend classroom instruction and teach them to value different perspectives from their own, serve the underserved, and inspire others with the common desire to positively contribute to society.

Learn collaboratively, through direct experience

Students socialize and learn of ideas and cultures from all over the world through primary sources and direct experience in a safe setting that supports and enriches as much as it empowers. Pioneer students are empowered to pursue their intellectual, creative, athletic, and community-building passions to develop the personal and leadership skills integral to becoming successful adults and tomorrow’s future leaders, today.
SGA posing together after an event

Student Government

Student members of the SGA represent their classmates and dedicate their time to promoting student-driven events to develop social opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. SGA is committed to creating an inclusive school community where each class member has a voice and becomes an active member of the Pioneer community. Class representatives work with their class advisers to create class activities and events, class field trips and class fundraisers.

A student from National Honor Society inauguration

National Honor Society

Creating opportunities for service is at the heart of the Pioneer Academy Chapter of National Honor Society enrichment. NHS works towards serving their school, serving their neighborhoods and promoting fundraisers and global service projects. Students can be part of school committees that raise awareness of risky behaviors, promote healthy lifestyles and support equality and diversity. Each year the committee chooses a group of student leaders to organize activities.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders, Today

We are committed to creating the space and supporting every chance for our young citizens to develop into ethical leaders, creators, thinkers, and doers that challenge themselves and those around them to build a better shared world for all of us.

Pioneer Academy students are global citizens who gain valuable experience by helping others, whether this means in school, on campus, locally or internationally.

Our emphasis on supporting students’ critical thinking, ethics, and incubating their leadership potential through community service and volunteering fosters humanitarian and civic engagement as well as social awareness and responsibility.

A senior student getting advice and tips from a College Counselor about her College applications


The advisory system matches small groups of students to an advisor. The advisor performs a bridging role in the student’s life. They happen to be in the center of the communications between faculty and students, home and school, leading students on a healthy path toward college and life