STEAM Education

STEAM is the combination of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in an interdisciplinary approach and applying these to real world applications.

STEAM Education

A middle school girl working on an electric current experiment in Science Lab

Education should not stay in classrooms and we are committed to carry education out of the classroom walls.

Our STEAM Education is based on strategies designed to engage students in learning at high standards, including academically based community service, civic education, environmental education, place based learning, service learning, and work-based learning.
STEAM learning stimulates innovation, creativity, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills, resulting in a well-rounded, multi-faceted child. It encourages children to think about what they’re learning in a more connected, holistic way to address the challenges of the 21st century.
2 students studying anatomy of a frog during Biology class
We work with our community to empower our students through the collaborative design of transformative, authentic educational experiences that leverage contemporary tools, practices and spaces.

At Pioneer Academy we value:

  • Innovative application of transferable knowledge and skills: the act of creating
  • Design thinking: the process of creative & collaborative problem solving
  • Practicing empathy: purposeful connections with our community
  • Risk-taking: embracing failures as learning opportunities

K-8 STEAM Education

Middle School students doing a physics experiment during Science class

The Lower and Middle School STEAM program offers students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning by going through the STEAM Design Process. Students spend time in their classrooms inquiring through the Science, Mathematics, IT and Social Studies curriculum, then demonstrate their understanding through various methods like presentations, individual and group projects.

In Lower school , students use STEAM learning time as an extension of the classroom where students have the freedom to design and make their ideas and learning come to life. In addition to learning about STEAM, our students develop important skills, from fine and gross motor skills to tool safety and management of materials.

Middle School learning program is designed to strengthen and motivate students across these STEAM areas, and to provide students with modern-day skills and the opportunity to explore and develop interests from a young age that they might not otherwise have. Students learn above-level concepts, in math and computer science, and develop good analytical skills while at the same time using their creativity. 

In High School, STEAM Education offerings include;
  • Robotics
  • Art and Design
  • Web Design
  • Engineering projects
  • Java and Python programming languages
Pioneer Academy high school student working on a robot during Robotics ClubRobotics Club students participating in a First Robotics competition

Robotics Club

PioTech Robotics Team is an award winning Robotics Club at Pioneer Academy. PioTech Robotics Team is part of The FIRST Robotics Competition, an international robotics competition consisting of more than 3200 teams across 26 countries.

PioTech Robotics alumni have been accepted into top universities including Princeton, Brown, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins among many others.

Our efforts have also been awarded by NASA with a $5,000 donation to support us for the upcoming competitions.

Rigorous graduation requirements of minimum 4 years of both
Math and ELA and 3 years of Science coursework

How do we implement STEAM?

  • Students are encouraged to enroll in advanced courses in Math, Science and ELA including Honors and AP Courses.
  • Rigorous curriculum in Math, Science, Technology, ELA and Fine Arts using proven learning standards such as Quality Core by ACT.
  • Enrichment programs such as Robotics, Fine Arts, Music and Drama are offered both as a credit course and as an after school club.
  • Students compete in Regional and State First Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Competitions.
  • Annual school-wide STEAM WEEK  allows students to display their research skills in Science and Engineering.
  • Students participate in Regional and State Science Olympiads.
  • Students participate in American Math Contest (AMC) and Regional Math League.
  • Dedicated lab for each major Science field: Biology Lab, Physics Lab and Chemistry Lab.
  • School-wide Career Days are organized to expose students to the different professional fields in STEAM
Middle school students preparing for Lego Robotics competition during Robotics club
Robotics Club students participating in a First Robotics competition
High school students doing an experiment in Chemistry Lab during a Chemistry class
Middle School girls working on an experiment in Chemistry Lab
High school student presenting their awards from a Math competition

Mustafa Dincturk

STEAM Coordinator
(973) 405-5169 x 124
By guiding students through the STEAM design process when teaching curriculum content, teachers are able to support students' cognitive development, social development, problem solving skills, and communication skills.
M. Dincturk
Science Dept. Head
2 Seniors showcasing their work during Pioneer Academy STEAM Days


STEAM week is one the great opportunities for our students’ celebration of STEAM learning. Students from Grade 5 through 12 showcase their projects they worked on throughout the year. Last year we had over 80 projects across Science, Engineering, Math, Technology and Art.

The event is open to public. This year's STEAM Week will be between March 20-24, 2023.