Visual Arts

The Pioneer Academy Visual Arts Department offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with various creative outlets.

Visual Arts

The Pioneer Academy Visual Arts Department offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with various creative outlets.

From painting and drawing classes to digital media, 3D design, and photography courses, students can explore the exciting world of arts in a safe and engaging environment.

Classes are taught in small groups so each student can receive personalized attention as they develop their artistic skills and techniques. With access to a wide range of supplies, resources, and technology, the Visual Arts Department allows students to express their unique creativity meaningfully.

Digital Arts

Two Pioneer Academy students looking at an artwork in front of Art Class

The digital arts department at Pioneer Academy allows students to explore and develop their creative skills. Our curriculum teaches students how to work with various media, from traditional 2D art, such as drawing and painting, to new interactive technologies like 3D animation, game design, and virtual reality. Our classes are designed to be hands-on experiences that allow students to explore their ideas, experiment with techniques, and collaborate with peers to create unique pieces of artwork. We also offer specialized courses in web design and video production.

Our Digital Arts program is designed to nurture a passion for learning and exploration in each student. We strive to make our classes engaging, challenging, and inspiring. Through hands-on instruction and guidance from experienced teachers, students are able to create beautiful works of art that can be shared with the world. By encouraging creative risk-taking and experimentation, students become confident creators who are prepared for whatever challenges come their way.

There are many options available for students to explore their inner artists;

Painting, Drawing, Design, Photography, Digital Arts, 3D Arts

Art History

High school Art history provides students with an overview of art throughout the history of ancient civilizations up to today's contemporary art.

Students explore the artwork and art-making techniques and how they evolved throughout different periods and in various parts of the world. This course explores topics such as the nature of art, its uses and meanings, and how people respond to art. Through investigation of diverse artistic traditions of cultures from prehistory to the present, the course presents and fosters an in-depth holistic understanding of the history of art from a global perspective.

A Pioneer Academy high school student giving a guitar performance for a fundraising event


The music department at Pioneer Academy offers students an opportunity to develop their musical abilities in a challenging and collaborative environment. At Pioneer, ee apply a combination of programs: from Kodaly, Dalcroze and Orff to Suzuki. The music department at Pioneer Academy also provides students with opportunities to showcase their talents and perform.