World Languages

The ability to communicate effectively with others on a global scale is essential

World Languages

Pioneer Academy third grade students learning how to code during Computer class

The ability to communicate effectively with others on a global scale is essential

Our Middle School World Languages program focuses on providing the students with a firm foundation in the listening and speaking skills with an introduction to reading and writing.

The learning process will include plenty of games, entertaining activities and everyday classroom situations that will require the foreign language to be accomplished.

  • Students will greet each other in a culturally appropriate way
  • Students will be able to follow and give directions in different everyday situations
  • Students will be able to recognize some cultural similarities and differences with the target language
  • Students will be able to identify basic vocabulary in a variety of daily topics


Fifth Grade
Seventh Grade


Welcome to Middle School Classic Arabic Language course. As the Arabic Language Department, we will focus on multiple disciplines that any language focuses on such as Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Culture.

Participation from each student is imperative to assess students’ understanding and progress.

Learning is the most important objective so that when students have the chance to travel or meet someone from the country that speaks Arabic, they should be able to fully function and even become fluent with adequate effort.



Grade 5 & 6
Pioneer Academy elementary students doing artwork during Art class
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