Art, Music & Drama

Arts programs at every level strive to impart the fundamental skills necessary for students to solve problems, think critically, engage each other creatively.

Art, Music & Drama

2 high school students performing Skellig for parents and community in Pioneer Academy Auditorium

Arts programs at every level strive to impart the fundamental skills necessary for students to solve problems, think critically, engage each other creatively.

Students develop technical skills and engage with technologies that range from the traditional, to the modern and contemporary.
Course offerings increase in sophistication and specificity to include more formal and focused work in photography and digital media, sculpture and ceramics, and drawing and painting.

Through instruction and discussion, students are challenged to sharpen their critical, analytical, and perceptual skills. They are also encouraged to develop standards for appreciating and evaluating both the world immediately around them and the aesthetic achievements of the past and present.


Drawing & Painting
Sculpture & Ceramics

Pioneer Music Ensemble

Pioneer Academy Music Choir performing for a fundraising event

Since its beginnings, the Music Department of our school has established a very strong culture of performers (solo and ensembles.) We have always had and continue to have numerous talented students who appear to be gifted in various ways musically speaking. The passion, dedication and encouragement has always been present; therefore, Pioneer Academy has always been a crib of musical ensembles starting from Rock Bands to Classical, Jazz and Contemporary ensembles. The music clubs usually serve as the powerhouse for preparing and polishing the performances as the classes equip students with the necessary musical knowledge.

The Music Ensembles of Pioneer academy have produced and nurtured composers, vocalists, virtuosos, competitive musicians at a world level and Prize Recipients who have had the opportunity to be accepted as part of festivals and competitions throughout the country and abroad. It is worth mentioning;

  • Genius Olympiad Gold and Bronze Medal winner
  • Staten Island Music Festival participants
  • The Colors of the World Festival held in NYC, Toronto, Frankfurt
  • High award recipient composer in the Wayne District Festival of Composers in New Jersey

Lastly, the Pioneer Academy ensembles stand out for their original creative formats that appear every year dictated by the curricular frames of the school's administrators and instructors. It is worth mentioning the Music Exhibitions and the Live Lounge that unfold every year new and novice elements in the world of musical performance.

Plays, Talent Shows & School Concerts

Pioneer Academy Drama Club students performing Cyrano by Edmond Rostand in Auditorium
A Pioneer Academy high school student working on Canvas during Cultural Day
Pioneer Academy High School students watching Aladdin at Broadway with their class advisor
A Pioneer Academy high school students working on her digital art project during an Art Class
2 students while performing Cyrano at Auditorium
Profile photo of Pioneer Academy Fine Arts Department Head, Margin Alexander Bajrami

Margin Alexander Bajrami

Fine Arts Department Head
(973) 405-5169 x 153
Every human being represents a whole wide hidden universe from which you can learn and that you can teach to.

I feel like lucky to find myself among such an environment, our Pioneer Academy Cosmos.
Margin Alexander Bajrami
Fine Arts Dept. Head