Tuition & Values

We appreciate the commitment and sacrifices each family makes to be a part of our community.

Tuition & Fees

Pioneer Academy middle school students during a social studies class

We appreciate the commitments that all of our families make in order to be a part of our community.

Pioneer Academy is entirely dedicated to building a diverse community of talented, passionate, and driven students from a wide range of backgrounds. We affirm the need to empower students and their families with the means to achieve their highest potential and are committed to making Pioneer an affordable option for them.

2024-2025 Fees

Montessori Pre-K
Middle School

Payment & Discount Policy

Payment Policy: All payments are received and processed through Blackbaud Tuition Management. Blackbaud Tuition Management is the contracted provider for the administration of Pioneer Academy’s tuition program.  Only new families need to register with Blackbaud Tuition Management. The tuition plans are as follows:

  • Full Payment (One Payment): The entire payment is due on or before the agreed due date.
  • Three Installments – (3 payments): Installment payments are due on or before the 5th, 15th, or 25th (based on your choice) of the month (June, September, and December).
  • Eight Installments – (8 payments): Monthly payments are due on or before the 5th, 15th, or 25th (based on your choice) of the month (June through January).

* Special note: If a family chooses to pay by credit card through Blackbaud Tuition Management all fees for this service are paid by the family.

Late Fee and Failed Payments: All payments are due on the selected due date. All families are responsible for meeting their tuition obligation to Pioneer Academy on a timely basis.  If payments are not received by the due date, a late fee ($40) will be assessed. Fees for failed electronic check payments and for returned checks are: Failed ACH - $30.00 Returned Check - $30.00 These Fees are issued by Blackbaud Tuition Management and Pioneer Academy has not had any control over the fees.

Registration and School Fees: The registration fee is applicable solely to new students. Both new and returning students are required to pay Resources, Technology & Activity Fees before completing their registration. All students must complete and return all Enrollment/Re-enrollment Forms to the school office along with the required fees in order to reserve his/her spot for the following academic year.

Late Registrations: Families registering after the first day of school will be expected to fulfill their tuition obligation according to the tuition policy stated above. Tuition for students registering on or after the first day of school will be prorated over the number of school weeks they will be attending.

Sibling Discount
Pioneer Academy has different policies in regards of sibling discount for Pre-K, K-12 Domestic and International students.
  • Pre-K: 10% Discount for Second Sibling and all additional Siblings
  • K-12 Domestic: Second Sibling to Enroll: 10% Discount. Third and all additional Siblings: 20%Discount
  • International: 10% Discount for Second and all additional Siblings
* Please note: The Sibling Discount applies to siblings only (brothers and sisters, not cousins or other relatives)
Two high school students talking about their college options with Director of College Counseling

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Important Dates

Apr 20
Apr 30
May 1
May 2

- Open House
- Application Deadline
- PreK Registration Ends
- Payment Deadline for 24/25

Re-enrollment Timeline

Dec 15
Jan 7
Jan 31
Feb 28

- Intent to Return Survey
-  Intent to Return Due Date
-  Aid Application Deadline
- Financial Contract Deadline